The ERFA Annual Event 2019 will take place in Warsaw on 3rd April.
This year's main topic will be: "How to turn rail freight into a profitable business?"

ERFA aims to create a market place in the rail freight sector where business can thrive. A successful sector is one that new companies want to be part of, and new entrants participate in. The current business environment for rail freight continues to act as a barrier for private companies to invest in rail and support its growth and competitiveness. The failure of rail to make any significant gains from modal shift is a key symptom of weak competition in the market. As such the rail freight offer is not in a strong position to compete with road on price, quality or innovation. Instead a market where there are too many dominant players fosters pricing distortion; limited customer-orientation and unsustainable business models.
What is needed to attract new entrants and more competition in the rail freight market?


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