RASTATT's Anniversary

RASTATT's Anniversary

One year after the reopening of the Rastatt line ERFA, NEE and UIRR highlight the lessons learnt and the positive steps taken to tackle rail freight’s weak points, while mentioning some issues that remain open to this day.
Never again must the closure of a small stretch of railway line lead to such chaos and wide-reaching economic damage.
Since Rastatt all sides of the rail sector, with the support of the European Commission, have committed to tackling the main challenges facing rail freight. Strengthening rail’s competitiveness and rebuilding customer confidence is at the heart of the action plan.


In the joint press release below we take a stock of the situation and we highlight what the sector still needs.

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ERFA, NEE and UIRR Press release: Rastatt anniversary ( 18.10.02 Rastatt anniversary ERFA NEE UIRR (2)-1540301622.pdf )