ERFA / Strategy / Basic objectives

Basic objectives

We want to achieve the best conditions for a competitive railway sector.

The mission of ERFA is to promote European rail transportation and its stakeholders through the complete liberalisation of the market.

ERFA seized the opportunity of the discussion on the 4th Railway Package, to develop synergies and bundle forces between freight and passenger new entrants - who face similar challenges - vs. incumbent, historic operators. Seeking strong alliance with such passenger operators strengthens the voice for change in the rail sector.

ERFA brings together the views of the independently managed operators to support the decision-making process with a focus on policy and technical affairs.

We are seeking to:

  • Improve the competitive position of rail against other modes 
  • Achieve liberalisation for a fully transparent, independent and open railway market
  • Reduce legal and material obstacles to cross-border and international transport services
  • Work towards the development of interoperability and the implementation of common safety standards commensurate with competing modes
  • Bring about optimal operating conditions on the European rail network.
  • National rail freight associations

Latest News


ERFA supports EU proposals for "quick wins" to improve rail's reliability and performance

The EU is proposing new rules to create a more customer-orientated rail network, taking important steps forward to improve the reliability and quality of rail services.

The changes aim at minimising disruptions to rail services when infrastructure works are being carried out and at creating a more dynamic and flexible timetable process for reserving capacity.



ALLRAIL press release - Difficult climate for new entrants

As Locomore declares financial insolvency, ALLRAIL highlights the crippling cost challenges and entry barriers for rail, limiting the growth of eco-friendly rail transport.


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