ERFA / Strategy / Operational focus

Operational focus

Focus on liberalization, fair level-playing field and cost control.

ERFA follows political dossiers which are crucial for rail market opening, as well as technical dossiers which are cost- and discrimination-sensitive. 

The main issues today include:

  • 4th Railway Package: political and technical pillar
  • White Paper: mid-term review
  • Trans-European Network for Transport (TEN-T)
  • EU-Corridors
  • Weights and dimension directive
  • Revision of Combined transport Directives
  • Noise-differentiated track access charges
  • ECM and GCU

Latest News


ERFA supports EU proposals for "quick wins" to improve rail's reliability and performance

The EU is proposing new rules to create a more customer-orientated rail network, taking important steps forward to improve the reliability and quality of rail services.

The changes aim at minimising disruptions to rail services when infrastructure works are being carried out and at creating a more dynamic and flexible timetable process for reserving capacity.



ALLRAIL press release - Difficult climate for new entrants

As Locomore declares financial insolvency, ALLRAIL highlights the crippling cost challenges and entry barriers for rail, limiting the growth of eco-friendly rail transport.


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