Alliance of Rail New Entrants

Alliance of Rail New Entrants (ALLRAIL), Europe’s new rail association, bringing together non-incumbent companies from the freight and passenger rail market, has been established in Brussels.

ALLRAIL has been founded by ERFA, the current home of non-incumbent rail freight companies, together with the biggest players in Europe’s non-incumbent passenger rail market today: LEO Express, MTR Nordic, NTV, Regiojet, Trainline and WESTbahn. 

The association forges a strong alliance between freight and passenger rail companies, who are committed to fair competition and open markets as the only way to shift freight and passengers from road to rail by offering attractive and additional choices and subsequently winning over new customers. A higher amount of competition will help save costs for customers and for the authorities ordering public services.

ALLRAIL members are hungry to invest in rail and to set up new routes and new types of services across Europe, making rail a more attractive and competitive transport mode for existing and new customers. ALLRAIL’s purpose is to support the European rail sector in becoming a more competitive mode by challenging the inherited market dominance of rail incumbents. The rail sector needs to remove market access barriers to all types of infrastructure (rail tracks, infrastructure fees and rail-related facilities and services) and ensure a regulatory framework that is discrimination-and cost- sensitive. ALLRAIL supports real change.

Erich Forster, CEO of WESTbahn has been elected President of ALLRAIL and Tony Berkeley, ERFA Director, as the Vice-President. Peter Koehler, CEO of LEO Express and Nick Brooks, Head of European Affairs at Trainline, have also been elected as ALLRAIL Board Directors.

Key topics of focus for the new association will include pursuing fully opened rail markets in all EU Member States, non-discriminatory access and financing for rail rolling stock, competitive track access charges and an open data approach to rail, also on ticketing.

ALLRAIL will grow its membership base over the next months, uniting non-incumbent rail companies to take forward changes that will increase rail’s competitiveness and boost rail’s modal share of the transport market.    

ALLRAIL looks forward to working closely with the EU institutions and the European Union Rail Agency to support the full establishment of a competitive Single European Railway Area.


From the right to the left: Peter Koehler (LEO Express), Tony Berkeley (ERFA), Barbora Mickova (LEO Express), Erich Forster (WESTbahn), Erik Pauldin (MTR), Andrea Giuricin (NTV), Julia Lamb (ERFA), Markus Vaerst (ERFA), François Coart (ERFA), Lindsay Durham (ERFA), Nick Brooks (Trainline), Emmanuele Forlani (NTV) and Neil Makaroff (ERFA)

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ERFA Strategy Day 2017

On the occasion of the ERFA Strategy Day Workshop, an internal meeting of private rail freight companies in Europe, the unfriendly business environment for rail freight and the weak state of the industry were heavily discussed.

The presentation of Joakim Landholm, CEO of Hector Rail, highlighted concerns related to the dominance of incumbents, in terms of distorting prices and limiting the customer-orientation as well as the lack of crucial and complete data in the sector. Geert Pauwels, CEO of Lineas stressed the failure of rail to make any significant gains from modal shift until now and the importance of a shift towards rail freight as crucial and urgent for sustainable logistics in Europe.

During the day the key role of national governments and infrastructure managers in supporting rail’s competitiveness  was underlined. The German Master Plan should be developed as best practice in other European countries with a focus on international services.

The European Commission was also present at the meeting to outline on how they could support the reduction of the access charges in the rail sector and to present the Eurovignette directive as an instrument to level the playing field between rail and road. 



Adoption of the new European Union rule to improve rail infrastructure works

The European Rail Freight Association strongly welcomes the adoption of new EU rules to improve the coordination of infrastructure works.

It is a positive step forward for rail’s competitiveness.

Improved rail performance is essential to make rail more customer-friendly and to encourage a shift of goods from road to rail.

ERFA urges infrastructure managers to ensure the success of the new framework for organising infrastructure works!



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