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RASTATT's Anniversary
One year after the reopening of the Rastatt line ERFA, NEE and UIRR highlight the lessons learnt and the positive steps taken to tackle rail freight's weak points, while mentioning some issues that remain open to this day. Never again must the closure of a small stretch of railway line lead to such chaos and wide-reaching economic damage.

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Rail - Europe's climate solution
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7/11/2018 - Rail - Europe's climate solution

ERFA, alongside several European rail associations, welcomes the new political initiative, the Graz Declaration, pushing for greener mobility in Europe. At a time when transport remains a growing source of GHG emissions ERFA reaffirms its support for modal shift.

RU Dialogue ERFA presentation on TCRs

5/11/2018 - RU Dialogue ERFA presentation on TCRs

An update was provided at the RU Dialogue on ERFA's subgroup "Future Legislation, Implementation,Soft measures". ERFA asks for support from the European Commission regarding last-minute funding of construction works by national ministries. How can national ministries be encouraged to provide business stability for the market and support Infrastructure Managers in effective planning and management of contsruction works?

ERFA presentation on Gauge issue linked to FCT recommendations

5/11/2018 - ERFA presentation on Gauge issue linked to FCT recommendations

At the RU Dialogue organised by the European Commission ERFA presented key concerns regarding gauge clearance requirements. Excessive safety margins, increased transparency and missing gauge information are key issues for railway undertakings. ERFA hopes that ERA's Facilitating Combined Transport recommendations will be taken forward and that further efforts will be made to ensure relevant information is accessible to the market.

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